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Solution: Part 2

(To be read by Professor Plum after Officer Indigo has revealed the killer.)

As his attorney, I was asked to deliver a letter upon his death to his only son. I was a
bit confused by this as until this night, I was under the impression that Mr. Boddy had not fathered any sons, but I will read the letter of explanation aloud to you, so that you can hear it before being taken into custody.

It reads:


To my son,


I assume that if you are reading this, that I am long gone. This is not how I had most

wanted to lead my life and for you to find out who your true father is, but it is what your mother and I had thought best at the time.

I had always wanted a male heir to pass along my father’s name. It was with great sad- ness that Mystery Manor went under another name for so long.

When I was unable to conceive any children with Miss Scarlet, my college sweetheart and first wife, I sacrificed my love for her in order to possibly gain a son with someone else. It was not my intention to father children with your mother, it was more of a rebellious

state for both your mother and for me at the time. Mrs. White had just settled into Mys- tery Manor from another country and knew no one and I was in the middle of a separation and the death of my uncle.

When we found out that Mrs. White was pregnant, she was already in love with Wadsworth, the man you have been calling father for all of these years. Mrs. White and I thought it in everyone’s best interest to keep our affair a secret. We did not want to hurt Wadsworth or the woman I was involved with at the time, Mrs. Peacock.

I went on to marry Mrs. Peacock, as you know, but we, too, were unable to conceive of any sons. We had our two beautiful daughters—Madame Rose and Ms. Teal. You can see for obvious reasons why we both (Mrs. White and I) loved the fact that you got along so well with each of the girls, but did not condone you having a romantic relationship with either of them.

After having Madame Rose, Mrs. Peacock lost any drive to have any more children. Mrs. Peacock then secretly underwent surgery and had her tubes tied without my knowl- edge. It was only upon my stumbling across her medical records recently that I, myself, found out that she had betrayed me so and started the process of divorce.

Once I found out that I was never going to have another son, I knew that I would have to tell you the truth so that I could finally have my male heir. Again, I did not want to dis- rupt your life, and your mother begged and pleaded with me not to. So I have waited until the last moment possible, that being my death, and have instructed my attorney to give you this letter upon that occasion.

I hope that you will forgive my mistakes in life and take upon your true name. If you will, as the will states, Mystery Manor and everything is left to you, barring you are not the cause of my death.

Your true and regretful father,

Mr. Boddy

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