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Evidence Presentation

(To be read by Officer Indigo, after everyone has completed
their investigations.)

After review of all the facts of this murder and after conducting my own investigation,

these are the facts and evidence that I have uncovered pertaining to this murder.

At approximately eight o’clock tonight, Mrs. White, the maid here at Mystery Manor was

shot dead. The murder happened just after the will of Mr. Boddy was read. Mr. Boddy was

also murdered earlier this month and the same killer that murdered Mr. Boddy is believed to

have murdered Mrs. White as well.

Upon further investigation, I was able to uncover some evidence to help in the


EXHIBIT A (hold up exhibit A) is the weapon we found at the scene of the crime. The

weapon is a Colt single action Army revolver and was one of many that was kept in Mr.

Boddy’s collection of guns in his study. There was no sign of forced entry into the gun

cabinet and there were no other guns missing.

EXHIBIT B (hold up exhibit B) are the possessions of the victim at the time of death. In

Mrs. White’s apron we found both a gun cabinet key and a photograph. It was confirmed

that, as maid, Mrs. White’s weekly duties was to clean the guns in the cabinet. The

photograph is of Ron Burgundy and Mrs. Peacock.

EXHIBIT C (hold up exhibit C) is a letter from Mr. Boddy wrote shortly before his death.

This letter indicated that Mr. Boddy did indeed fear for his life from one of you.

EXHIBIT D (hold up exhibit D) is a copy of the will that was read to you all earlier just

before the murder of Mrs. White occurred.

EXHIBIT E (hold up exhibit E) is a copy of a memo from Mr. Boddy. The memo indicates

Mr. Boddy was planning on filing for divorce.

EXHIBIT F (hold up exhibits F) are the personal papers of the victim and her family. All

paperwork indicates that family is here and working legally.

EXHIBIT G (hold up exhibits G) is a letter for Miss Scarlet. It appears that Miss Scarlet

recently made a very expensive real estate purchase prior to the death of Mr. Boddy.

I will leave these articles of evidence out so that you all can review them as you make you

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