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Solution: Part 1

(To be read by Officer Indigo after everyone has turned in their accusations.)



After reviewing the evidence, I have come to the conclusion that the murderer was Mr. Green in the (name the room where Mrs. White was shot) with the revolver.

I have come to the conclusion based upon the following evidence:

• The gun that was used in the shooting was one that was part of the gun collection here at Mystery Manor. The locked cabinet was not damaged and showed no signs of forced entry and thus must have been unlocked by the key that was found on the victim, Mrs. White. If you recall, Mr. Green knelt over his mother when she was shot, at which time it would have been a perfect time for him to slip the key back into her apron, where it was found.

  • Furthermore, neither the gun or the key have visible fingerprints on them, this would lead us to believe that the murderer must be wearing gloves, which we see that Mr. Green was wearing at the beginning of the night.

  • If you examine the last letter that was supposedly sent from Mr. Boddy, you will see that the signature on the letter matches the signature on the will. This indicates that this letter to be a legitimate and viable source.

  • Furthermore, if you examine the letter of last correspondence, you will see that Mr. Boddy indicates that the murderer was that person who had the most to gain from his death, and thus the inheritance of the will.

  • It is true that many people had a lot to gain from the will the way it was sub-divided into many cat- egories. However, the overall clause at the beginning states that if a male heir exists at the time of Mr. Boddy’s death, that he shall receive the entire inheritance.

  • Upon review of the birth certificate of Mr. Green, I have concluded that Mr. Green must be Mr. Boddy’s biological son.


I came to this conclusion based on a few things:

• First, you can deduce from looking at his birth certificate that Wadsworth cannot possibly be Mr. Green’s biological father because of the timing of the pregnancy and birth. By looking over the birth certificate, and comparing it to the starting date of Wadsworth at Mystery Manor found on his letter of intent, you will see that Wadsworth had not been at the manor long enough for him to conceivably be the biological father of Mr. Green. Mrs. White, being just arrived from another country, would have only been in contact with Mr. Boddy and his uncle Theodore, who was too old to father any children and was also on his deathbed.

• You can tell that Mr. Boddy went to great lengths to protect the secrecy of the affair and his illegitimate son. Upon examining the birth certificate, you will see where the father’s name on the birth certificate does not match the typeface of the rest of the document, showing that this document must have been altered, another red flag that Wadsworth is not the father of the child.

• This leaves us with only one conclusion and it is that Mr. Green found out about his biological father and killed out of resentment. He then had to kill again, the only person who also knew the truth, his own mother, to save any inheritance that he might reap. As stated in the will, Mr. Green was entitled to a pension at the very least and the whole estate at the most. If Mr. Green was found guilty, he would not receive anything.

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