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Investigation Presentation

(To be read by Officer Indigo after the murder.)

As you can all see, there was a murder that just occurred amongst us all. The victim was Mrs.

White, the maid at Mystery Manor.

At this time, I need to ask for your full cooperation in this investigation. It is imperative that

no one leave the premises as you are all considered suspects.

You received a sealed envelope at the beginning of the night. You will want to open and read

that information carefully when I am done. The envelope that you are opening will contain

information, evidence and objectives for you to help you conduct your own investigation. For

some of you, it will give you bargaining and blackmailing power. For one other, it will contain

the secret that you indeed ARE the murderer. Conduct your investigation wisely and let no one

know your secrets which you ARE NOT to reveal. It is now that you will try to uncover the

possible motives that each of you may have for wanting both Mr. Boddy and Mrs. White dead.

After I have questioned some of you and conducted my own investigation into this crime,

I will be presenting the tangible evidence that I have discovered. Everyone will then get a

chance to examine the evidence before you make a final accusation as to who the killer is among

you. Until then, I suggest you conduct your own investigation by questioning each other and

uncovering possible motives for the death of Mr. Boddy and Mrs. White.

Thank you, and I will be addressing you when I have compiled the available evidence to

show you. Until then, start sleuthing!

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