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Last Will & Testament of Mr. Boddy

I, Mr. Boddy, being of sound mind and memory, declare this to be my last will and testament, and I revoke all

other wills and codicils.

Since my greatest longing is to pass on my family name, wealth and stature I have acquired in life, I declare my

first born son to be the sole heir of my estate, if he has survived me by thirty days. In the event that a male heir

does not exist at the time of my death, then my estate shall be distributed as follows.


I appoint my attorney, Professor Plum, to serve as the executor to my estate.


I give all of my personal items to my wife and my children, Mrs. Peacock, Madame Rose and Ms. Teal. The effects

are to be divided with 50% going to my wife, 40% to my oldest daughter, Madame Rose, and the remaining 10% to

my younger daughter, Ms. Teal. If my children and wife do not survive me by thirty days, I give all of those items

to my ex-wife and business partner, Miss Scarlet.



Although I would long to keep the Boddy Collection within the family, it seems my only choice is to turn

the business over to my ex-wife, Miss Scarlet, to run as she sees fit. The fate of all of the other employees and

administrative decisions will be left up to Miss Scarlet. If the business is to be sold off at any point in the next

ten years, the profits will be deposited into the pension fund mentioned in the next section.



To my personal attendees, those being my butler, cook, maid and chauffeur—Wadsworth, Chef Tangerine, Mrs. White, and Mr. Green; to you, I leave a pension. Thank you for serving me my whole existence here at Mystery Manor. I admire you and thank you for your dedication. A fund has been set up in which you will live comfortably, but not frivolously, for the next thirty years. I hope that you use it wisely. To my pool boy, Ron

Burgundy, you have done your duties and we have paid you well. Good luck with your next venture, may you get as many benefits there as you did at Mystery Manor.

~ The above wishes are to be carried out by my attorney, Professor Plum.

~ All of the above distributions are also contingent on the fact that the heirs named are in no way responsible for

my death or have betrayed me in any fashion in my last days here on earth that could have led to my death. If any

of the heirs are found to be deceitful in a way which caused my death, or the death of others close to me, their share of

the inheritance will be forgone and divided amongst those mentioned in the section of the will in which they were to

receive inheritance.

~ To insure this above clause, in the event that foul play is the cause of my death, the inheritance will not be awarded

until the murderer is found.

That is all that exists of my estate and how I wish to dispose of it upon my death.


I sign this document freely

and willingly.


MR. Boddy

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